Our Story

In 2003, from a pre-existing 20-year long experience in the field by the owner in cooperation with several companies, GESI – Gestione Servizi Ingegneria was founded, a company that operates in the field of topographic, laser scanner, geodetic surveys and consequent design.

Our long-standing clients have been Engineering Companies, Construction Firms, Professionals and Public Bodies, generally involved in large infrastructure and civil works.

Since 2003 we have already been using the first topographic GPS, it is evident from the very beginning that these tools bring innovation and performance: a team, with the right training can split into two autonomous entities. We realize, however, that some operations done very quickly by total station are slower with topographic GPS and that is how we take action to find a solution. The solution is quickly found and consists of a specific operating procedure and transcoding software.

As is often the case, during the search for a solution, new opportunities are sensed.
In fact, in 2006, concurrently with the improvement of equipment and with the addition of newly developed GPS (much lighter and with software capable of faster operations) we develop CSV2COO, a software capable of permanently changing the use of our GPS in the outdoor campaign.

As of this time CSV2COO, allows us more flexibility in the campaign and more accuracy in data development in the office. This software has been updated for more than 10 years, adding features as we go along that allow us speed in data processing and ever better verifications of campaign data.

In 2007, the IT infrastructure is also activated, thanks to which GESI improves the way it delivers its services digitally.

At this time the equipment is upgraded again, and we can rely on a longer-range reflectorless system, also operations are needed to continue to process the instrumental data independently and without the automatisms introduced by the manufacturers.

The orders are getting bigger and bigger, and in 2010 we are measuring various watercourses related to the southern Apennine hydrographic district: Ufita, Serretelle, Fiumarella, Fredane, Vandra for several kilometers of planimetric outlines and sections.

In these years there are many teams producing campaign data, and it becomes necessary to introduce a data storage and archiving system. In fact, it is during this period that we begin to have a corporate digital archive in the form of NAS and develop a system to allow the operators themselves to transfer their data automatically to the archive with an interactive telephone-activated procedure. Also from this year, campaign notes are automatically entered into CAD as well.

In 2011 we have dozens of orders including: Topographical Surveys for road improvement following the installation of the Battipaglia CDR, Surveys for the construction of the “Tufino” junction on the A16, Survey of the rocky ridge on Chiaia di Luna beach in Ponza and subject to landslide risk, Surveys for the Middle Sarno sewage treatment plant in Pompeii.

Also in 2011, having to support the design of some freeways, the client asks us for special celerity in getting the final accounting sections always up-to-date while frequently varying the design elements (radii of curvature, leveling, channels, side walls) during the course of the work for adaptation to specific needs. Our previous topographical software, purchased and suitable for everyday work, cannot keep up with the demands.

But as is often the case, unexpected things can be done when the need arises: we leverage our expertise by creating SeziCo, the first fully multi-user Parametric Topographic CAD software. The various areas of the software are created as we go along with the design, and multiple operators start working simultaneously on the same design axis, seeing changes applied simultaneously. In this way we are able to satisfy the client with excellent results and an extra arrow in our bow.

In 2012-2013 we work in various areas: Port (Formia, Salerno), Highway (A16), Waters (Mazzafarro, S.Felice a Cancello, Lake Fusaro, San Marzano, Bottaro), Coastal Defense (Ischia), Subservices (S.Clemente), Archistar Infrastructure (Regium Waterfront) and we are beginning to take an interest in surveys that involve measuring point meshes such as those of rock faces and quarries.

In 2013 we invest in the Laser Scanner Surveying branch. This is a large investment both in the purchase of the Laser Scanner instrumentation and software kit and in the efforts put into making it all work properly. In fact, with the purchase of the instrumentation alone, even though one has taken the course in its use, one quickly realizes that the potential is not being fully exploited, that the Scanner is a performing machine but that the entire software kit is not really sufficient to do a good job. There are immediately at least 16 reasons why a veteran company in the field of surveying cannot use that instrumentation so superficially. So it was that we began a two-year research and development effort from which Cloud Designer, a software entirely designed by GESI staff, was born. Here is yet another arrow to our bow: today we possess a Laser Scanner software developed by ourselves, which integrates solutions to all the real needs encountered in the field.

In recent years, we have become an established player in Topographic Surveying and very important in Laser Scanner, extending our reach to the entire globe.