Experience in Geodetic Grids

One of our strengths is our experience in Geodetic Grids and in the establishment of geodetic vertices, in the materialization of Precision Cornerstones for the constitution of stable geodetic grids to be used for the support of large-scale Topographic Surveys.

During our career, we have faced large-scale measurements several times, specializing in the field of Geodetic Networks composed of primary and secondary vertices, also dealing with the eventualities of vertex loss as a result of road and construction work in general.

Here are some of the jobs that required special expertise in handling Geodetic Grids:

  • Survey river rods Alento, Bussento, Capodifiume and Fiumicello ( Report Attached). For about 50 km;
  • Plano-altimetric surveys with the affixing of cornerstones and collaboration in the executive design of the Strada “Aversana” in the area between Battipaglia and Eboli for about 15 km with related tracing carried out in assistance to the construction site;
  • Plano-altimetric surveys with affixing of cornerstones for the construction of an alternative roadway to S.S. 18 in the Agro Sarnese – Nocerino for about 12 km with related tracing carried out at the site;
  • Detailed celelrimetric surveys for Vallo di Lauro road 3rd lot for about 7 km;
  • Adjustment of Bottaro channel second outlet for about 6 km;
  • Survey for “Salerno Port Authority” work on upgrading and strengthening of water and fire-fighting systems in the port of Salerno for about 370000 sq. m.