Company Equipment

This page lists the equipment currently available, in order of modernity and relevance

Laser Scanner Systems

  • 1x GeoSLAM Horizon + GeoSLAM Vision
  • 1x Faro S150 Plus
  • 1x Laser Scanner Z+F 5006h

Total Stations

  • 1x Leica TCRA1200
  • 1x Leica TCRA1100

GPS Systems

  • 1x Leica GS16
  • 3x Leica ATX1200
  • 1x GeoMax ZGP800
  • 2x Leica SR530 Stazione GPS

Photographic Instruments

  • Testa Panoramica Robotica CiRO13
  • Camera Sony NEX5
  • Camera Sony NEX6
  • Obiettivo Fisheye Samyang 8mm
  • Obiettivo Sony Pancake 16mm
  • GeoSLAM Vision

Topography Accessories

  • Testa Panoramica Robotica CiRO13
  • Prismi 360° per tracciabilità estesa
  • Miniprismi circolare di precisione
  • Prismi Circolari classici

Computer Equipment at Headquarters

  • 10 Gigabit/s Network
  • 1x Computational workstation [Xeon 4,0 GHz – 256GB RAM – 16TB Disco]
  • 1x Server NAS 40TB
  • 1x Server NAS 16TB
  • 1x Server NAS 8TB
  • 5x Computer PC
  • 1x Computer Apple
  • 1x Portable Workstation
  • 3x Notebook

Widespread resources

  • Server Resources in Turingia, Germania [128GB RAM – 8TB Disk]
  • Server Resources in Sassonia, Germania [192GB RAM – 36TB Disk]
  • Server Resources in Canada [8GB RAM – 80GB Disk]
  • Server Resources in New Jersey, USA [2TB Disk]
  • Server Resources in Florida, USA [1TB Disk]
  • 6 IPv4 allocations on Netblock /29
  • 14 IPv4 allocations on Netblock /28
  • 13 IPv4 spare allocations
  • 3 IPv6 allocations on Netblock /64

Macchine da Produzione

  • 1x UV Flatbed Printer for Objects LEF200
  • 1x UV Flatbed Printer for Objects LEF12
  • 2x Filament 3D Printers
  • 1x Plotter A0+ 44″ HP T1200PS
  • 1x Multifunctional Departmental Printer and Photocopier A3 Laser Color
  • 1x Sublimation Printer for Objects
  • 1x Flat press for imprinting prints on objects
  • 3x Cylindrical press for imprinting prints on objects

Desktop Operating Systems

  • Microsoft Windows 10
  • Ubuntu Linux
  • Apple OSX

Server Operating Systems

  • Debian GNU/Linux
  • FreeBSD

Software in use

  • CloudDesigner1
  • Z+F Laser Control Professional Plus8
  • Faro Scene6
  • GeoSLAM Hub5
  • GeoSLAM Connect5
  • GeoSLAM Draw5
  • Leica Geo Office Combined®4
  • CSV2ALL+1
  • STRATO®2
  • SeziCo+1
  • BricsCAD7
  • DXF.Mappe+1
  • OpenOffice.org3

1 CloudDesigner, CSV2ALL, SeziCo e DXF.mappe have been developed by GESI
2 Strato® is a product of Carazzai s.r.l.
3 is a product of The Apache Software Foundation
4 Leica Geo Office Combined® is a product of Leica Geosystems A.G.
5 GeoSLAM Hub, GeoSLAM Connect, GeoSLAM Draw are products of GeoSLAM
6 Faro Scene is a product of FARO
7 BricsCAD is a product of Bricsys NV
8 Z+F Laser Control Professional Plus is a product of Zoller + Fröhlich GmbH

Any other products are the property of the individual owners